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 and large/luxury cars Packard and large/luxury cars around 7298 ccm
Cars related to the Packard Twelve

The cars below have similarities to the Packard Twelve. They are either Packard or large/luxury cars with related engine size and year model. If you consider buying a Packard Twelve, you ought to check out these related models.

Click the car name to see technical specs and pictures. Then you can display other owners' rating of the car or ask any question at the cars' discussion forum. You can also see if any such cars are for sale or request an e-mail notification when they are advertised in the furture.

Car modelCategoryEngine size
1934 Renault Nervasport ACN1 Large/luxury cars5448 ccm
1934 Renault Nerva Grand Sport Large/luxury cars5448 ccm
1933 Packard Twelve Large/luxury cars7298 ccm
1934 Packard Twin Six V12 Cabriolets/sport cars7298 ccm
1933 Lincoln K Large/luxury cars6255 ccm
1932 Packard 840  6306 ccm
1933 Packard 840  6306 ccm
1934 Packard 840  6306 ccm
1932 Packard 900  5244 ccm
1932 Packard 901
 6306 ccm
1932 Packard 902 7.3
 7300 ccm
1933 Packard Super 8
 5244 ccm
1934 Packard Super 8
 5244 ccm
1933 Packard Super 6.0 8
 6035 ccm
1934 Packard Super 6.0 8  6035 ccm
1934 Packard Eight  5244 ccm
1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom Large/luxury cars7668 ccm
1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom Large/luxury cars7668 ccm
1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom Large/luxury cars7668 ccm

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